L’esprit de Bordeaux Showcase

L’esprit de Bordeaux introduces exceptional wines from the world’s wine capital and makes them more accessible to wine lovers. Instead of sourcing from only one estate, L’espirit de Bordeaux’s range comprises of eight different wineries, chosen for their quality of wine, estate history and the owners’ passion for the craft.


Sample some of the range at Potato Head during an exclusive tasting with Allison Harvey, the Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Manager of the Freixenet Group, who will elaborate on the history and characteristics of each wine and why they were chosen for L’espirit de Bordeaux.


We will be tasting:

Chateau Ducla Experience 2010

Chateau Preuillac Medoc 2007

Chateau Guadet Plaisance 2010

Chateau L’Autre de Sociando Mallet 2010


Tuesday, 26 March 2016



300,000++, includes a wine tasting set, canapés, welcoming sparkling wine


As space is limited, please secure your spot by calling 021 5797 3322 or e-mailing [email protected]