We’re ringing in the Year of the Goat with SHIFU’S LUNAR SPECIAL MENU!

• Hechuan Style Lamb Chop with Vegetable Salad

• Fook Yew Ancient Chili Crab

• Sautéed Guangdong Scallop with Asparagus

• Fortune Prawn Ball with Shifu’s Special Sauce

• Prosperous Green Broccoli with Scallop & Fish Ball

• Nian Gao “Chinese New Year Cake” with Pumpkin Sticky Ball

We’re also having a FOOK STICK PARTY all month long! Pick your luck and win FREE food and even direct discounts!

For an extraordinary experience in Shanghainese cuisine, treat yourself to Fook Yew!

Ask our friendly staff for further details.
Gandaria City +6221 2900 7897
Grand Indonesia +62212358 0810

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